The Make a Noise Foundation was formed by Steve and Ruta Sepetys in 1998. It originated when Steve started to sell off some gear he had that he was given gratis, and the funds were used to kick of MANF. Through the years MANF has donated to a plethora of good causes including music scholarships, donations to other 501c corporations such as Music Cares for addiction recovery within the music community, Hollywood Arts, Missing and Exploited Children, A Place called Home, Extraordinary families, and many more. 100% of all the funds that flow into MANF are donated to various and vital causes. It is a great privilege to have an opportunity to financially support those in need.

"It has been proven that music and playing an instrument have positive effects not only on children, but adults as well," says Vai. "Music educates the whole person as an integrated induvidual. It educates the mind, the senses, and the emotions. I formed Make A Noise to ensure that those interested in music should not have to sacrifice their ability to develop important skills and express emotions due to limited financial resources."

Donations can be made to:
MANF c/o P Dancy
17328 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316